This blog’s existence and content is driven by the Social Media Networks for Business paper at Massey University. When 12 weeks worth of reading, researching and blogging is up, this online memoir will serve as ‘Assignment 1’ for marking.

 Postings will generally address concepts and issues based on weekly lecture topics… And the thoughts I have about those concepts. If this blog site had a mission statement it would be something like:

“Success will be seen in completed readings, fulfilled requirements, and the provision of fun-filled, opinionated codswallop! …Because there is no point in writing an A+ blog if it doesn’t interest anyone enough to read it!”

So there you have it.

Any comments regarding this blog’s writing style, format, content, or just general feedback are more than welcome – in fact, I encourage you to let me know what you think.

Thanks for coming to join me in my first-time-blogging experience!


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